The music project Suzane, it is above all a story of women. First of all, that of his great-grand-mother, from which it borrows the first name to make it his avatar stage. Then, one of the women that she frequents, in which she tells the story of the unfortunate vicissitudes in a world where it is very common to be accosted, harassed, or invectivée.

On stage or in her videos, she dances as she sings as the others before it (Chris, Angèle…), and installs the electro, which earned him the comparison with Stromae. The one who says he is “a storyteller of true stories on a backdrop of electro” describes the company through the eyes of a young woman in her twenties army of sounds and simple words but powerful.

Fnac live festival, place de l’hôtel-de-Ville (Paris Ier). 3 July to 18 h. Free