An investigation for intentional homicides has been entrusted to the gendarmerie, according to a press release from the Brest prosecutor’s office. None of the bodies bore any trace of an external wound or firearm.

Arrived on the spot shortly after 10 a.m. following a call from the mother of the young woman, worried not to have heard from her, the gendarmes first discovered the body of the father, aged 41, hanging on the ground floor. of the House.

They then found the bodies of the two girls, aged 8 and 11, “each in her bed and in her room on the first floor”. The body of the 38-year-old mother was to be found in the marital bedroom.

– No trace of injury –

The first findings “did not reveal any trace of external injury, nor of the use of a weapon on any of the bodies”, notes the prosecution. “The house presented no apparent disorder. The drama seems to be part of a context of the couple’s separation”.

An autopsy will have to determine the origin of the deaths of the mother and the two young girls, specifies the press release.

A dog, apparently belonging to the family, was also found dead.

According to the daily Télégramme, based in Morlaix not far from Carentec, the man worked in a marble factory in the region and his wife worked as a salesperson in a residence for seniors in Morlaix.

Their two daughters were also educated in the “city of the viaduct”, underlines the newspaper. The youngest attended primary school and her older sister was in sixth grade at Saint-Augustin College, “as her parents had been before”.

“When I learned the ages of the little girls, I immediately thought of this family,” a neighbor who lives a few hundred meters away told the daily Ouest-France. “My stomach hurts,” she added.

The house, located on a small hill surrounded by fields, is a few hundred meters from the sea, not far from the Taurus castle, one of the region’s tourist attractions, according to an AFP journalist on the spot.

It is part of a small group of three or four houses dating from the 1970s, located a few kilometers from the town center of this seaside town of around 3,200 inhabitants year-round, in the bay of Morlaix, very popular with tourists.