Since the beginning of the fires in California, at least 31 people died. And tens of thousands of people have been displaced. About 80,000 hectares have been reduced to ashes, as nearly 7,000 buildings. The forest fires that occur since Thursday, forcing the residents of Malibu, which several american celebrities, to evacuate their home. Among them, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Guillermo del Toro, Iggy Azalea or Alyssa Milano have had to leave their homes. And they all praise the heroism of the firefighters on the social networks.

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It is with sadness and helplessness that Laeticia Hallyday has discovered, since the time of St Bartholomew, images of the California wildfires. After his visit to Paris for the promo of the album posthumous Johnny My country it is the love , she planned to stay a few weeks on the Caribbean island, before returning to his home on the west coast of the United States near Santa Monica. Located in Pacific Palisades, the villa has not been affected by the fires, which stretch from near Sacramento, the capital of the State of California and in the coastal resort of Malibu.

Michel Polnareff has also posted on Twitter Sunday night a broken heart that form the map of California as a message of support.