Located on the Diois massif in the town of Romeyer, the fire “has experienced rapid spread in recent hours due to the change in wind direction”, explained the prefect of Drôme in a press release.

“At 6:00 p.m., 220 hectares of forest have been covered” and “the fire continues to progress in several directions, in particular towards the RD 742”, he continued.

Three sectors are particularly monitored by the approximately 280 firefighters who will be engaged on Tuesday evening in the field: the northern sector, the southern sector and the front sector (west) towards the village of Romeyer.

Tactical fires are implemented to put the fire on an already burned ground in order to prevent its spread.

“During operations on Monday evening, two Gard firefighters and a Drôme firefighter were injured” and “all three were able to leave the hospital today”, assured the prefecture.

One of the firefighters who came as reinforcements from the Gard was burned in the face and the other two inhaled smoke, detailed to AFP on Tuesday afternoon Lieutenant-Colonel Ramon Navarro, senior management officer of the SDIS (departmental service fire and rescue) of the Drôme.

There are currently no plans to evacuate homes, the administration concluded.

Tuesday noon, firefighters received support from two heavy bomber helicopters and a Dash.

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, a fire in Isère caused by lightning, which ravaged a hundred hectares and also slightly injured three firefighters, was fixed for Tuesday evening, although the whole area is under active surveillance for the night. .