Fired resuscitator: the awarding of the doctor Pokrovsk hospital devalued the Order of Pirogov

Resuscitator-anesthesiologist Sergey Sayapin, dismissed from Pokrovskaya hospital, does not understand, and was awarded the head of medical facilities of the Marina Baholdina. According to him, awarding her the order of the Pirogov devalued the award.

“Recently for physicians was established by Order Pirogov, but yesterday’s awarding him badly devalued. Along with the people who really worked in the “red zone”, the chief doctor, who personally did the rounds, adjust treatment, MS Bakholdina in the “red zone” do not appear ever. For her reward? As I understand it, in defiance of her growing disapproval in the media. It is standard practice of the current authorities — to show that she’s a little spit on the opinion of the people. Personally, I think it’s a joke and a mockery of all those who are really struggling with the coronavirus,” said Sergey Sayapin in the video on YouTube.

the Doctor added that Bakholdina allowed employees to work without safety equipment and did not accept the help of volunteers with the words “we have everything”, while PPE, according to him, doctors have purchased with their own money.

Recall, Marina Baholdina appropriated not only the Order of Pirogov, but the title of Hero of Labor.

In early April, the doctors intercession hospital recorded a video and complained about the lack of respirators and anti-plague bathrobes. Bakholdina called statement of true.

a few days Later COVID-19 was confirmed by several people in the hospital. Also ill Sergei Sayapin. He released a video in which he said that the responsibility for infection employees Pokrovskaya hospital with coronavirus responsible chief physician Marina Bakholdina, because it is, according to sapina, did not provide staff with personal protective equipment. An anesthesiologist was fired.

the Internet also appeared a petition demanding the release of Baholdina from the position of chief.

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