Fires in Gironde: companies will benefit from long-term partial activity


    France was hit in July by “outstanding” fires in Gironde, which ravaged nearly 21,000 hectares of forest.

    For the companies affected, in particular the campsites and restaurants near the fires, “we are going to implement crisis measures”, promised Olivier Dussopt.

    “Companies that are damaged, I am thinking for example of campsites, or which lose a lot of activity, will be able to benefit from long-term partial activity, this special form of activity that we put in place at the time of Covid”, he detailed.

    It is a “very protective” device, he explained.

    “For minimum wage earners, it’s 100% of income, for those above it’s 84%,” he explained. “It is also protective for companies”, since their remaining charge will drop from 40% to 15%.

    “We are going to do it even if all these companies should not be covered” by this device, assured the minister, promising that the government would “work company by company to offer them very simple agreements”.

    Long-term partial activity allows a company facing difficulties to reduce the working hours of its employees.

    This system was introduced in July 2020 during the Covid for sectors facing a lasting reduction in activity.

    Concretely, on the compensation received by the employee, employers will only have to pay 15%.

    As for employees, if they are at the Smic they will receive 100% of their income, and 84% if they earn more than the Smic.