“The work carried out in recent days in this sector makes it possible to classify the fire as being under control”, wrote in a press release the prefecture, which had declared the fire “fixed” on July 23.

This term “controlled” means that “the risks of resumption are now considered limited and that a major resumption of fire is ruled out”, according to the prefecture.

The next step will be to declare it “off”, which could still take some time.

“The work to secure the outline of the fire and to treat hot spots is continuing” in La Teste-de-Buch, explains the prefecture, which stresses that “the fire zones remain dangerous, with many smokers remaining and a risk significant number of fallen trees whose roots were destroyed by the fire”.

This fire in La Teste is one of two “non-standard” fires that devoured 20,800 hectares of forest from July 12 in Gironde, forcing more than 36,000 people to leave their homes.

The other disaster took place in the Landiras sector, in the south of the department, where 13,800 hectares of pines went up in smoke.

This fire has been “fixed” since Monday but not yet “under control”.

On Facebook, the Gironde SDIS indicated on Friday that the firefighters present on the two sites were “accompanied by many partners who carry out tree-cutting and soil scraping actions alongside them”.