The two fires have destroyed a total of 20,600 hectares of forest since July 12.

With 300 hectares destroyed overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, “the results are rather positive, the situation improved during the night but the two fires are still not fixed”, warns Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Mendousse.

The fire located in Landiras, 40 km south of Bordeaux, ravaged 13,600 hectares of forest and that of Teste-de-Buch, in the Arcachon basin, destroyed 7,000.

During the night, no new evacuations were ordered and no casualties were reported. Since the start of the fires, nearly 36,750 people have been evacuated, said Tuesday evening the sub-prefect of Arcachon, Ronan Léaustic.

The prefect of Gironde and New Aquitaine, Fabienne Buccio, spoke Tuesday evening of a “calm”.

“We were able to work on the defense against fire. We were able to really refine, move forward, create important firewalls”, welcomed the prefect.

Fabienne Buccio also spoke of “cooler” weather which contributed to these advances, however deploring the absence of rain.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, is expected in Gironde on Wednesday afternoon. During a situation update on Tuesday, the president asked to “continue the action taken to fight the fires in Gironde while increasing the national capacity for action for the weeks to come”, specified the Elysée.

As part of the investigation into the origin of the fire in Landiras, located 40 km south of Bordeaux, a 39-year-old Girondin was placed in police custody on Monday, extended until Wednesday afternoon.