Cologne – Who gets involved on a Blind Date in the Cologne Restaurant by the Star chef Roland Trettl (47), it must be tough: From a absolute hit to awkward silence and a table for two is in the Dating Show “First Dates” on Vox really anything is possible. In the result, on Wednesday, the candidates Eva (38) and Sascha (38) had a Blind Date suddenly, she shocked the audience with a perverse statement.

“First Dates” on Vox: the candidates, there is always excitement

in March 2018 the Show “First Dates” runs now on Vox – numerous candidates-scandals made since then, for excitement and also a bartender Nic Shanker creates it with his comments and his charm again and again in the hearts of the audience . The concept of the show is quickly understood: Two Singles meet for their first Dinner Date in Cologne, Germany and will be asked for a shared meal, if you want to see each other again. The Fans turn on every day at 18, to love one thing above all: The foreign shame factor.

+ “First Dates” on Vox, Roland Trettl to hook up with Singles.© MG RTL D / Boris Breuer candidates Sascha and Eva at “First Dates” on Vox

In the episode on Wednesday (24.10) sat, according to the just under 0.9 million viewers of the TV, as the chef Roland Trettl mutated time and again to the Hook-master. One of the party: The 38-Year-old Sasha and their peers Eva. The two-Meter high head, and describes itself as “sporty and ambitious,” revealed the Star-chef at “First Dates”: “I hope to have a tingling sensation in the belly.” Eva from Duisburg was asked Roland Trettl, on what type of man you stand for – what the dental assistant naughty Gentleman and asshole replied: “at the same time.”

+ Sascha and Eva at Star-chef Roland Trettl of the “First Date”.© Screenshot VoxKandidaten eve at “First Dates” shocked viewers with perverse statement

amuse The tattooed Eva and the great Sascha seemed fine. After they had ticked off topics such as their children, and Hobbies, it was quickly hot: Sasha told me that his entire back was zutätowiert. Since the life of a happy Eva, of course, was quickly curious and asked: “we Go to use the restroom?” Sascha was able to laugh about this question – after all, the 38-year-old “First Dates announced”candidate Eva previously: “When I’m nervous, I’m pretty clumsy.” – and this statement she was also very fast.

+ With its perverse and ambiguous statement First Dates”-candidate Eva shocked “the audience.© Screenshot Vox

Between hysterical Laughter left her suddenly, a perverse remark, the some of the Vox audience disturbed and left: “I’m soaking wet between the legs.”

During their conversation partner were Laughing almost the noodles from the mouth, were the “First Dates”-Fans in the social networks shocked: “didn’t you say???” or “How can you hit a set so thoughtless?” can be read on Twitter.

“First Dates”-poll: Which is the bartender hot? Nic or Rocco?

Eva quickly realized that this ambiguous statement might arrive in the wrong – she was just hot in the Restaurant. “Sometimes my mouth is faster than my head,” giggles the 38-Year-old behind At the end of Eva had to admit, however, that it had not radioed for you – Sascha, however, would have met the 38-Year-old is also behind the “First Dates”cameras.

Natasha Berger