Fitness clubs and swimming pools prescribed new rules of operation in terms of coronavirus

health clubs, swimming pools and other sports facilities after the lifting of the ban on work because of the coronavirus will be able to work — but by appointment only clients and in compliance with social distance. This is stated in the recommendations of the CPS.

In the swimming pool can accommodate up to five people, each should have not less than 5 square meters of water surface, or 10 square meters of the track. Also ordered to tighten control over the quality of water in the pool.

In the gym to accommodate the equipment you will need at a minimum distance of five feet from one another. Group sessions will also need to keep your distance on the floor shall be made for the markup.

Employees of the clubs and pools will have to wear masks, use of antiseptics, pass the “input filter” before the change and measure the temperature yourself.

to Remove the room must be regularly using disinfectants and ventilate every two hours. It is forbidden to serve clients tea and coffee is allowed, only bottled water.

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