a well-Known speaker Vladimir Berezin commented on the recent broadcast of the TV project “Dom-2” on which leading Olga Buzova appeared drunk.

According to him, “KP”, for a similar incident in 1978, almost got fired the popular TV presenter “Morning mail” Yuri Nikolaev. “He read the program guide in a state of alcoholic intoxication fortunately, it came only in orbit, not on national television,” recalled Berezin, noting that the case was an example of how not to do it.

According to the speaker, the transfer of Nikolaev loved not only the people but also the wife of the most influential people in the country. “And they joined and fought Yuri Nikolaev”, — he added.

meanwhile, after the incident at the “House-2” Buzova is unlikely to face dismissal, says Berezin. “It’s not about the masterpieces of the tell — it is rather a show about the evils that are put on display,” explained Berezin, stressing that His drunk “fits in with the style of the program, and to the audience of “House-2″ it may be perfectly acceptable.”

He concluded that drunken Buzova not terrible what is happening in this program: people have sex, swear, fight. “Still, Olga Pozner: but if he appeared on air drunk, that would be amazing,” said speaker.

during a drunken air on Monday, Olga Buzova thickly. She said a few stock phrases, but then couldn’t even pronounce the name of his co-host, calling him Cherkasovym is Cherkasova.

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