The driver, who refused to comply, fled. His vehicle, stolen, was found a little later.

The police intervened around 3 a.m. to put an end to an urban rodeo between two vehicles in the town of Anglet.

According to Éric Marrocq, regional secretary of the Alliance Aquitaine police union, they then tried to control one of the drivers, still present on the spot.

But the latter chose to flee, first reversing and then forward, and injured the first three police officers in the process. One of them, who had clung to the vehicle, was notably “rolled on the foot”.

A fourth police officer, in a state of shock, then opened fire several times in the direction of the vehicle, indicates a source.

The fugitive then crashed into another police car, causing one last minor injury.

The vehicle “which had been stolen” was found empty a little later in the night indicates Éric Marrocq who expresses “his support for (his) colleagues”.

The Bayonne judicial police were seized.