It took a lot of time for his pain subsides. In the last episode of the tv show The Great Workshop , Vincent Josse, to be broadcast this Sunday on France Inter, Jane Birkin speaks with open heart on the loss of his daughter, the photographer Kate Barry. It is the death in November 2013, throwing through the window of his parisian apartment. A terrible loss which has been permanently swayed the interpreter of Di Doo Dah . This last, which has just published an autobiographical book, Munkey Diaries , a long time refused to address this tragic death in an interview.

Five years after the tragedy, the singer tries to rebuild themselves psychologically. Before this tragic event, one that has often mentioned his lack of confidence in it, was at least some of its competences mother tongue. “I was pretty sure of myself as a mom,” she said. It is ridiculous but I thought, I know what to do, I know the feed, I know massage, I know the cuddle…” This fragile certainty collapses with the loss of Kate. “When my daughter died, I lost this confidence, there, so that I no longer knew what to do,” she explains.

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At this time, the grief had caused him to lose his footing, break with the normal course of his existence: “I was exit of life, a little. Finally, I was living a kind of life in parallel”. But, gradually, she was able to “back in life”. How? “By entering for the chance to be with the children, the little children, to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, such as take back the symphonic concerts with the philharmonic orchestras…”

The singer has also made sure to make themselves useful to others. His job allows him “trotter in the world, to meet people, to meet the difficulties of the people and be able to be their spokesperson sometimes, eventually, to serve something,” she said. Before concluding: “just Being miserable at home, that is the waste…”