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Flinstone owner settles in California town and will be allowed to keep cartoon-inspired extensions

Fred and Barney will not be forced to move from their Hillsborough home

One homeowner in California is ready to make a big splash.

Hillsborough, after many years of struggle, has allowed a house that was designed to look like “The Flintstones”, to keep recent additions to the property. The homeowner had been taken to court by the town, who claimed she had broken local codes.

Florence Fang, a former publishing mogul, was first to make headlines when she was sued by the town for altering her property. She had placed metal sculptures of dinosaurs and added other “Flintstones-related imagery” as well. The house’s physical design was already well-known, and many claimed it resembled the cartoon series.

However, the Associated Press reported that the town had declared the sculptures a visual eyesore. A town attorney argued that residents had to obtain permits regardless of their theme before they could install such sculptures.

Fang refused to comply with stop-work orders. The town filed suit in 2019. Fang, however, fought back and counter-sued.

Fang will be able to keep her Flintstones-themed decorations after a decision was made last Thursday. According to the Associated Press, Fang will apply in the settlement for building permits. The town will then review and approve landscaping improvements. Fang will also be paid $125,000 by the town, according to reports.

Fang’s front yard features a variety decorations that are not related to Flintstones, including sculptures of Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble. Fox News reported in 2017 that Fang purchased the house for $2.8million.

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