In November, she was named a chevalier of the Order of Merit. This winter, Florence Foresti returned to the stage to mock his fellow americans, imagine her burial, to scoff at the technology and social networks, and ban cell phones. They also take the opportunity to address the harassment of women and the stereotypes that it sticks to the skin.

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In an interview with Paris Match , the comedian returns including the return of the feminism through the countryside MeToo. After the scandal involving the ex-magnate of Hollywood Harvey Weinstein, the movement has contributed throughout the year to release the word of the women on the violence they face daily. “What is it is stupid to censor at this point!” Florence Foresti does not keep his tongue in his pocket, still less when it is question of the many clichés that weigh heavily on women, that it makes fun of how scathing in his shows. “Thanks to MeToo, maybe we’ll stop asking Gerry to put tights and miniskirts”, says the artist, that the injunction to be nice is always “bloated”.

According to her, the new generation has “a hundred times more models to grow” than the previous. Florence Foresti deplores the fact that “the injunction to be kind is more strong.” According to her, “we always ask for a woman to speak softly, to be kind and not to claim increase”. The comedian regrets the time when she could be “naked breasts on the beach”. “But now, I see that my daughter does not support it”, she says adding that the little Toni “does not skirt the college, as if it was forbidden.” A time that she denounces as “ultrapuritaine” and “pathetic”, which urges everyone to wear jeans and sweats for that we do not see the forms”. “What is sad in all this is that feminism is obligated to review the day, she adds. I thought it was history. It is my mother who has had need of feminism.”

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the One that talks “too fast” and “too strong” to be one of Micheline as she taunts had yet turned round in march. Asked by Clique Tv, Florence Foresti had played the card of the self-deprecating humor on MeToo and the joke was ill-placed. Already challenged in 2014, the feminism of the humorist it seemed then divided by its appeals to the freedom of women on the one hand, and his jokes, which convey stereotypes of gender of the other.