Fluently asked St. Petersburgers what limits it is better to remove in the first place

Until recently in St. Petersburg, the number of cases was 8-10 times higher than the number recovered, but now the situation has changed. About it in social networks said the Governor Alexander Beglov.

“In the last three weeks of this baseline figure began to gradually decline, which gave the opportunity to put before the CPS question about the removal of some restrictions,” — said the mayor.

He asked the subscribers what restrictions should cancel in the first place. The majority of the citizens were in favor of opening the parks. The second most popular option was an appeal to the city began to operate shopping malls, clothing stores and shoes. Some expressed more radical.

“Given what we observe as usual, and the normal quarantine full quarantine measures at 2 weeks were not, it is possible to remove all at once. Who comply with security measures for himself and not for the avoidance of penalty, will continue to comply with them. Who does not comply, well, then nothing will change, to open or not to open — it does not change the relationship to risk,” said St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the pandemic, has registered 19 466 thousand cases COVID-19, died of 482 people.

About whether it was too early to lift restrictions in the city, read in the material “Rosbalt”. Reporter asked the relevant question doctors, deputies and St. Petersburg, had been ill with the coronavirus.

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