Fluently described the alleged date of the festival

the Festival “stars of the white nights” in St. Petersburg may pass on June 20. As reported TASS, said the Governor Alexander Beglov.

“the Planned June 20 to hold a demonstration event in the sphere of culture — the famous St. Petersburg festival “stars of white nights”,” said he.

According to Beglov, the Mariinsky theatre is taken to organize “at the highest level.” It is planned to seat viewers at the required distance from each other, to control the use of remedies to maintain separation between the musicians.

“let’s See how things turn out with the festival “stars of the white nights”, as it will be the first home match, “Zenit” on June 26. If the situation will allow and will be provided with all safety standards — theaters will take the audience,” he said.

Earlier it was expected that the festival will be held from 17 may to 26 June.

“stars of the white nights” is one of the key cultural events in St. Petersburg. In his Billboard traditionally get better and new productions, on which in this season worked the artists of the troupe, and performances by famous invited singers and dancers.

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