Fluently explained the attack on the journalist at a polling station

the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov commented on the attack on the correspondent of “media zones” David Frenkel at the polling station, after which he was diagnosed with a humerus fracture and radial nerve hurt.

“Really, of course, sad that David is injured. As you know, materials are transferred in Investigatory Committee. But I would like to note that, of course, many are tired today, each with its own character, each with its own emotional mood. Sometimes it is unnecessary towards the issue, obsession, excessive enthusiasm. We’re all human, we all live, so it happens”, — concluded the mayor.

Beglov also noted that in the city there are cases of provocations against members of election commissions, but the “city of five million such cases are few.”

“It adorns the city. So I sure hope the vote goes well, safely, securely is probably the most important thing,” expressed the hope fluently.

Recall that the RF IC in St. Petersburg began a review of the incident June 30 at polling station No. 2191 with the participation of the journalist of “media zones” David Frenkel. As reported by the victim, the police officer together with the observer broke his arm. In the St. Petersburg office of internal Affairs denied the information.

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