Case closed. The trace of a painting of Théodore Chassériau, mysteriously disappeared several decades ago, has been found. Not found for many years, the painting stolen in 1973 in a church in Marcoussis, in the paris region, has reappeared in a room of sales in Hesse (Germany). And was returned to the municipality of French, announced on Friday the police.

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Entitled “Jesus in Martha and Mary”, the painting had been stolen in the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Marcoussis agreement in 1973, according to a press release of the German federal police. Forty-six years later, in the spring of 2019, a French expert has found that the canvas was going to be auctioned in Wiesbaden. The German policemen have entered the picture by this painter of the Nineteenth (1819-1856).

The seller assured to have inherited this painting is painted by the disciple of Ingres, who was bought by his family in France in 1974. It was since stored in an attic, before he decides to sell it. The seller has accepted since reset it to its original owner, the municipality of Marcoussis.

The canvas no longer has its original frame and has “slight damage”, according to police, who added that he “lacked the signature”. Works by Théodore Chassériau are on sale on the art market from 10,000 euros, says the federal police. The paintings of this artist spent by the Beaux-Arts of Paris are visible in illustrious museums such as the Louvre and the d’orsay in Paris or the Met in New York.