Paris, Thursday, 19: 45. At the top of the grand stair, and its thick red carpet, behind the curtains, the atmosphere is solemn. The great hall is plunged in darkness. Ten large ornate chandeliers overlook dozens of rows of chairs are aligned to the nearest centimeter. All directed to the small stage on which are pointed four spotlights dim light. What happens in this room? Is this an initiation ceremony masonic? A sermon is religious? The filming of a remake of Eyes Wide Shut ?

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The ceiling, of paintings in the Renaissance style inspired by michelangelo, statues of white marble, and the crest of Paris, marked with the motto” fluctuat nec mergitur “. We are in the festsaal of the City hall, equipped to accommodate the Fnac Live Festival. Those who have queued for more than an hour and a half to get the precious sesame to access …

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