This show is a bit of a revival of a league dissolved, a foot of nose to the snub-nosed: Ribes, Topor, Wagner, this is a trio of shock. Of friendship, of complicity, of intellectual understanding and sensitive. A trio dissolved by the death of Roland Topor, April 16, 1997. He was not 60 years old. He had still a lot to imagine, to write, to draw, to say. His laughter screaming we lack. But his friends did not forget, and often, at the Roundabout, in the light of his son Nicolas, tributes have been rendered to the artist, beautiful. Ribes and Topor, texts, skits, and performances. Topor and Wagner, were of the trade, songs. Three people with strong character, related by friendship. In Madness , presented by Jean-Michel Ribes, in the salle Jean Tardieu’s theatre, which he has headed since 2002, there is the writing, the music, the musicians, the actors who also know how to sing and dance.

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there are the Ribes and Topor, there are compositions by Reinhardt Wagner, who is there, playing live with the friend François Verly. One garden, the other to court. And in the middle, in a setting pretty stripped down – just a kind of high barrel and lights Herve Coudert, the three performers. David Migeot, also unreasonable that the seemingly tranquil… And these ladies: beautiful orange, Héloïse Wagner. A young woman, radiant, with good reason. At his side, more frail, in a pleated dress sun yellow also splashing his smiles, Alexie Ribes. We know very well, the one and the other. They have often been applauded. They have taken!

on the side Of the music-hall

They are seductive, spiritual, sensual, funny. Juliette Chanaud, who was responsible for the costumes with bright colors, took care of the garnish of feathers. A hem. A border. Don’t forget that we are here on the side of the music hall. The texts are confusing, the chain of events unexpected, the ruptures frank, the stories are often very funny. The musicians, accomplices, engage in the game. We laugh a lot. Smile. We are happy to hear Roland Topor and his sense of wry humour, his knowledge of the dark areas of the human heart. We hear Jean-Michel Ribes. It is squeaky in these explosions of absurdity, that there is tender to the woes of men, puny and frightened… should not be overstated! It is not a question of metaphysics. But, beyond the laughter, we hear the voice of spirits very lucid, who know that he must hurry to laugh… the talent of The five performers, very well directed by Ribes himself, who signed the staging of this review conducted drum beating, adds, and the gravity and humor. They are granted. Madness is entitled this show. Crazy, passionately, they enchant us and lead us, joyful, ironic and brilliant, on the steep paths of a world that is absurd and exhilarating. To the health of Roland Topor!

● Madness, Théâtre du Rond-point 2 bis, avenue Franklin – Roosevelt (Eighth). Tel.: 01 44 95 98 21. Opening hours: mar. at the sam. at 20: 30, sun. 16 h. Duration: 1: 15. Until: 2 June. Tickets: from 16 to 31 € .