Sixty thousand supporters were present at the Santiago-Bernabéu stadium to thrill live, thanks to the giant screens arranged around the central circle to allow the “aficionados” who remained in Madrid to experience the final against Liverpool as if they were there.

“Madrid, Madrid, Madrid!” : almost like on match nights, the Santiago-Bernabéu punctuated the game with songs to the glory of the self-proclaimed “Kings of Europe”. “How will I not love you, if you have made me European champion so many times?”, sang the “Madridistas” gathered at the Bernabéu like those massed around the Cibeles fountain, from the final whistle. .

As was the case at the end of April for the 35th coronation in the Spanish Championship, very close to the town hall of Madrid, the Cibeles fountain, a traditional place of celebration on the evenings of the coronation of the Merengues, the security protocol has begun to be implemented. square.

– “Win, enjoy, savor” –

Barriers were installed around this square, and several police cordons, placed a hundred meters from the fountain, controlled each person wishing to enter the area to celebrate the title.

Javier Pacheco is one of them: “My program for tonight? Win, enjoy and savor”, summed up the young 18-year-old supporter, a Real scarf tied around his head.

“We had no doubt that we were going to win the 14th. And look,” savored Ana Redondo (29), kissing the Real Madrid crest on her scarf. “Real is unique. Clubs like this, there are none,” she told AFP.

Between songs hostile to Paris Saint-Germain and insults towards Kylian Mbappé, who preferred the Parisian club to Real, supporters were already climbing semaphores and road signs to harangue the crowd from the top of their promontory, and sometimes had to be brought ashore by the police.

– Trophy presented on Sunday evening –

The police locally charged to disperse large groups of supporters who began to heckle while dancing in circles, AFP noted.

José Casillas, 21-year-old “Madridiste”, Karim Benzema jersey on his back, promises that the night will be long: “Tonight, no sleeping. We won, that’s the main thing, we’re going to celebrate as it happens. must”.

The Madrid club announced overnight from Saturday to Sunday that the team will present the trophy to supporters on Sunday in the Spanish capital.

The players will depart from the Bernabéu Stadium and pass through the Almudena Cathedral (6:15 p.m.), the headquarters of the Madrid region (7:00 p.m.) and arrive around 7:45 p.m. at the town hall and the Cibeles fountain, before returning to the Bernabéu stadium at 9:15 p.m. celebrate the title.