Piece awarded five Molières and also popular with the public that in its early days, Edmond tale with delight the adventures of the famous Edmond Rostand in creating chaotic of his masterpiece, Cyrano de Bergerac . Alexis Michalik has made a movie, which comes out this Wednesday, January 9, on our screens, and whose LeFigaro.fr is a partner. And he has entrusted the first role to Thomas Solivérès.

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“Alexis Michalik snapped fingers all the time,” says the actor. For many readings made in the company of two other actors of the film, Lucie Boujenah and Tom Leeb, the interpreter is the Edmond was marked by the need for rhythm of the director. An obsession with him.

Like the play on the stage, him who has already enjoyed success on stage in Harold and Maude or in Venice is not Italy ? “I’d love to!”, he replied. Before specifying any smile: “But for [only] a representation.” “In the theatre, it goes by so quickly, it’s so exciting”. The actors “don’t have the time” to ask, unlike the production of a feature film. “If I played the part on stage, I would take the time to associate, he joked. And I’m certain that I’d hear Alexis in the room, snap your fingers for that I accelerate”.

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We had yet found in many comedies fast-paced “where to look for the valve”. This time, the actor has found another way to get the comic effect. “In Edmond, the laughter is not on me. During the filming, I was wearing a few others, too. I was in something more inside.” At the right pace.

Edmond Alexis Michalik will be released in the cinema as early as 9 January next year.