The filmmaker Gaspar Noé has presented at the Venice film Festival a new “reverse” version of its sulphur Irreversible , which had made scandal 17 years ago for its rape scene, a movie that “nobody today would dare to fund it,” according to him.

In 2002, the director is italo-argentinian had shocked the Cannes film Festival with this film very disturbing, with Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel, starting at the end and telling a revenge after a rape unsustainable for ten minutes. At the Cannes screening, a score of spectators had discomfort. “Nobody today would dare to neither finance, nor perhaps even play in a film like this,” said Gaspar Noé, in an interview with the AFP.

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The new version presented out of competition at the venice film Festival, entitled Irreversible inversion integral , presents the narrative of the film in chronological order, but takes nothing away from the scenes of the most brutal.

“When Gaspar Noé called me to tell me to watch the movie, it was back up in chronological order, I was really curious,” said Monica Bellucci to the AFP. “And when I saw it, I realized that the film had absolutely not aged, that it remained a strong film. And maybe this new version of the assembly puts even more in evidence the duality between beauty and violence”, she added. The Italian actress was recognized, however, that “this remains a violent film, it is safe”.

“I’ve never seen an actress as charismatic”

Gaspar Noé referring to the game Monica Bellucci in “Irreversible”

But “we also see the beauty and poetry of the couple’s relationship, the desire to have a child, the friendship, the complicity, intimacy. And at the same time, we see the most degrading of violence, sexual abuse, domination, sexual crime, the instinct of self-murder,” continued Monica Bellucci.

The”audacity” incredible ” of Bellucci

Gaspar Noé has praised the game for its main actress in this film, emphasizing “have never seen an actress as charismatic, and with as much balls.” “It’s horrible to say that she has balls, especially in relation to the subject, but with so much guts, Americans say ‘She has guts’. But his performance is incredibly courageous”, he added.

The selection of this new version of the film to the venice film Festival this year, has attracted criticism, in the context of post #MeToo, and in full controversy over the presence in competition of Roman Polanski, still pursued by the american justice for the rape of a teenage girl in 1977, and to selection out-of-competition by the american director Nate Parker, acquitted in the 2011 rape of a female student. Feminists have also regretted the low number of women directors in competition this year, only two of the 21 films in contention, accusing the Festival doesn’t evolve.

Irreversible (inversion integral 2019) by Gaspar Noé, with Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel…