Ben Mazue, this man who wants you the property. This Wednesday evening, this name shines in red letters on the pediment of an Olympia sold out. But who is this Ben that “doesn’t pass the radio”, as he said himself, with amusement, that doesn’t sell millions of records but who fills the legendary concert hall of Bruno Coquatrix’s nothing on the mouth-to-ear? A singer, a musician, a master of words, juggler of feelings, a poet who takes you into his world that is both full of grace and drôlitude.

On the stage of the Olympia, it offers much more than a concert: a show off-standard, modern, a round of singing, which turns to the one man show. For the greatest happiness of the 1976 spectators gathered on boulevard des Capucines. This perfectionist of the verb was the last of The Princess and the Dictator . A title of blockbuster for a device minimalist: no musicians on stage. Only Robin Notte, his sidekick, is sitting behind his piano improved gadgets sound.

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Ben Mazue is a great kid. And as the children who dream of becoming an astronaut or veterinarian, a graduate of medicine became a singer in 2005 would like to go behind the camera. This Wednesday, it his film on the stage of the Olympia he crowd for the first time. He has trouble believing it. “We are 1976 spectators. It is amazing. At this rate we will be 15,000 in three years”, lance-t-il, and moved.

On her third album The ideal Wife , the lyricist inspired tribute to the one who shares his days. “Mistress peerless, soul sister, bosseuse gold, mother, wife… The love is worth the blow to be lived. Protect themselves, is to renounce for the worst, but it is to be deprived of the best”. The story of the movie is that of Vincent and Romy. They love each other for the past ten years, Ten years of us . Glory to the seniors with the lullaby for her big sister, family meeting in the red house and its “closure party”, followed by the declaration of love for Romy. Ben Mazue sings the love that wears out after you become a parent, as if he wanted at any price to keep the flame alive ( Let me ). The words both tender and biting tell the intermittency of the heart and desire.

Ben Mazue heats the room with a sense of humor, seeks the palms for applause programmed, do not hesitate to winnowing the public on his understanding of the film and to talk about Luc Besson and his “love” of women ( sic ), to describe the microphones headband (which are in the nape of the neck) that make you go the better for a speaker, the worse for Matt Pokora.

Attentive to the concerns of the people of his age, Mazue dive in to our flaws and never judge. He does not forget the victims of the November 13, 2015. The audience applauds it “fart hands”. After two hours of show, the Olympia greet the artist as a single man and wish him good road for at least ten more years.