Rambaud 3 will be released on 9 January in bookstores. Patrick Rambaud has written to the president of the Republic a new chronic caustic, entitled Emmanuel the Magnificent (Grasset) . A spell that he had already booked his predecessors: Nicolas I between 2008 and 2013, and Francis Small in 2016. Summary in an interview to Obs the analysis he makes of the first two years of presidency macronienne.

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“there is always a revolution which comes. The Macron are doing everything for this to happen in any case”

Patrick Rambaud (Obs)

“In his first year, he could say anything, the people were astonished. There, everything he does is a failure,” says Rambaud. According to the writer, jury member of the prix Goncourt, this change of attitude certainly “a little strange” on the part of the French is a sudden realization that “that power is like all the others”. “There is always a revolution which is to come, warns Patrick Rambaud. The Macron are doing everything for this to happen in any case.” It refers to the work undertaken last November in the salle des fêtes of the Elysée palace. “You have to be crazy to announce it now. This kind of disconnect, it recalls indeed the Former Regime,” says the novelist. More specifically, “1788 and the beginnings of the Revolution”.

Emmanuel Macron, a jesuit solitary and authoritarian

“Emmanuel Macron grave because he is all alone, decrypts Patrick Rambaud. He organized his loneliness. He swept all the world.” “That’s what struck me: the loneliness of Macron”, he remembers. An attitude he attributes to the character of the head of the State: “Macron has a horror of the competition. He wants to be all alone. It is almost sad.”

“Macron has as the Jesuits, this taste to seduce, to tell the people what they want to hear, and to disguise the falsehood by of the great speeches”

Patrick Rambaud, “Obs

Patrick Rambaud draws on the history to feed these chronicles of the life policy. It compares Emmanuel Macron to a jesuit. And even to Ignatius of Loyola himself, the founder of the order. They share “the taste, to seduce, to tell the people what they want to hear (…) is leaving to be tortuous, and to disguise the falsehood by of the great speeches”.

“The jesuits, as Macron are both beautiful and brutal,” says Patrick Rambaud the New Obs . They require obedience to perinde ac cadaver , as the saying goes. The obedience of a corpse. This allows an understanding of the atmosphere within the parliamentary group LREM”.

Another reminiscence, that of the path of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed Napoleon III in 1852. “Both arise from the left. Bonaparte was among the carbonari Italian [movement transalpine close to the Freemasonry, a fighter for social progress, ed.], and has written Extinction of pauperism . And both are elected thanks to the right”. The emperor, surrounded by bankers and promoter of railway companies, is “not very different from Macron, and its start-ups”.

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“What’s funny in a court, are courtiers. Go laugh with Édouard Philippe. They are all dull”

Patrick Rambaud (Obs)

Chewable Emmanuel Macron and his five-year term however proves difficult. For the writer, Nicolas Sarkozy was a subject that was more obvious. “I thought he walked and moved like a pigeon”, he explains. With the release of its first reviews, the success is immediate, even with fans of the former president. “I remember a meeting at La Baule: I was face-to-500 sarkozystes who flocked in to buy it. Some took ten to offer it to friends. I was stunned. They had not understood the irony. They believed that I really wanted Sarkozy to be a big man,” remembers Rambaud.

With Emmanuel Macron, the task is more difficult because “around him, there’s nobody there”. “Which is funny in a court, are courtiers. Go laugh with Édouard Philippe. They are all dull”, laments he. The evidence with Jean-Michel Blanquer, which he wanted to write the portrait because the press was inexhaustible praise on the minister of Education. “ The Point , the headline read: “The vice-president”. After eight days, Blanquer was gone. No not out over eight days. They are made to do a lap around the track, such as the Yorkshire in canine contests, and then back to the niche.” That won’t prevent Patrick Rambaud to write the result of its chronic. With a new character very promising: the knight of Benalla, “which will be the opening of the next volume”. We are in a hurry.