The Oscars are they now the rewards of no great value? It is the opinion of the american actress Susan Sarandon. Came to promote her latest film at the Toronto festival, the actress of Thelma and Louise took the opportunity to flay the academy, which rewards buy now more than they deserve according to it.

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“there was no need to spend money when I have been nominated five times and I won once,” said the one who was oscar winner for his role of the good sister in The Last step (1995). “It’s not going to happen today,” she added, denouncing lobbying campaigns often conducted during the month prior to the award of the famous statuettes of gold.

Springboard for the Oscars

Susan Sarandon spoke out Friday on the second day of the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), the largest film festival in North America, which is to continue until 15 September. The film Blackbird , in which she portrays a mother terminally ill person wishing to end his days, there was a screened-in front-first.

The actress, 72-year-old felt she had little chances of landing a new Oscar for this role because they lack the resources to “compete with some of the film promoted by Harvey Weinstein’s of this world.” The former producer, all-powerful, at the heart of a scandal emblematic of the movement #MeToo, had led several of his films to the glory before being accused of multiple sexual assaults.

The TIFF turned out to be in recent years a stepping stone for the Oscars rewarding including The Shape of water and Green Book , which were obtained a few months later the statuette for best film.