For the first time since the plague in Italy, opened a

to minimize the social contacts in the “era of coronavirus” in Italy back to the methods invented during the plague several centuries ago.

according to the Association of a wine glass (Wine Window Association), for the first time since the seventeenth century in Florence, earned the so-called “wine window”.

it is Noted that in 1634, a local scholar Francesco Rondinelli came up with a way to sell wine through a small window in the door so as not to contact with the buyers and to protect themselves from the bubonic plague.

400 years Later through the Windows began to sell ice cream and soft drinks, however, in Association wine Windows recognize that this ritual is more a tribute to history, rather than a necessity.

Earlier it was reported that in early August in Italy dramatically increased the number of cases of infection with coronavirus. For the first time since may during the day in the country identified more than 550 infected COVID-19.