The director of The Mule does not seem to be concerned protests of his fellow actors and directors about the law of the “heart beat”. This order is extremely severe on abortion has been signed by the republican governor of Georgia Brian Kemp last may, causing a large wave of protest. Dozens of celebrities from american cinema, including Ben Stiller ( Zoolander) , Alec Baldwin ( Beetlejuice) , and Alyssa Milano ( Charmed ), writing to him, the warning that they may not work “in all conscience” in Georgia if the law was enacted. A huge loss to the State over the years, become a popular destination for shooting.

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In the quest of realism

Clint Eastwood has no intention of not taking part in this movement and seems determined to make his new film The Ballad of Richard Jewell in this region. A decision motivated by the realism that he wants to instil in his work. A spokesperson from Warner Bros. told IndieWire: “We took the decision to tell this fascinating story – based on people and real events – in the places where it took place, that is to say, to Atlanta and its surrounding area. As always, we have worked in close collaboration with our production partners to determine how and where to shoot this movie, in order to reflect the authenticity of the story.”

The feature-length film, inspired by actual events, will focus on the story of Richard Jewell. Security officer for the olympics in Atlanta he had succeeded in thwarting a bomb attack at the centennial park on July 27, 1996 but later had been accused of being the responsible for this terrorist act. The feature-length film traces the legal battle of this innocent man and passed away at 44 years of age, in 2007. Paul Walter Hauser ( I, Tonya ) will play the lead role, Sam Rockwell ( Vice ) the lawyer who will assist him during the trial.

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“What we most need are allies.”

For their part, professionals of the film industry in Georgia require through the petition of the Women of the Film Industry in Georgia”, the Hollywood stars to put an end to the boycott. “The workers of georgia and the men of this industry will continue to be resistance from the inside. With our voices, our art, and our daily presence on the field, we will continue to work for the leadership that we deserve. Your sentence is understandable, but what we most need are allies.”