Be the center of attention, the new concern of Harvey Weinstein? A few days of his trial for sexual assault provided for in the supreme court of Manhattan, the former producer of over a hundred films attempts to relocate. He asked this Friday to the court of appeal to find him a new place. In addition to a hundred charges, Harvey Weinstein has been indicted for two facts: the rape of a woman in 2013 in a hotel room in new york and a sexual act was not consented to on another in 2006.

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The business man of 67 years fears that the trial, expected to begin on 9 September, is going to New York, where, according to him, public opinion is very unfavourable. His lawyer, Arthur Aidala, says: “the city of New York is the last place on Earth where Harvey Weinstein would be likely to receive a fair trial.” The journal Page Six tells us, then, that the man of law, wants the trial to take place in the county of Albany (to the north of the State of New York, in Suffolk or elsewhere, in any case out of the county of New York where there is “a circus-like atmosphere”. To try to convince the court of the merits of her request, the lawyer explained that the jury that will be convened is already influenced by “the flood, local, national and international media coverage, and social networks.”

“hysteria has turned the accused into a monster”

The advocate Harvey Weinstein Arthur Aidala

It is also believed that around this matter,”the hysteria has turned the accused into a monster and assumed guilty of everything and not only the crimes for which he is accused but of many others.” For him, in New York, the jurors will be constantly confronted with activists, journalists, and celebrities who will attend the trial. In addition, it specifies that two books on the case are currently on sale and that several documentaries about the ex-darling of Hollywood recently released, further strengthening this struggle.

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The lawyer deplores the fact that the whole world takes a stand against Harvey Weinstein, “uniformly depicted as a sexual predator”. For the moment, Cyrus Vance Jr., the prosecutor of the county of New York (known for his role in the case of DSK), has declined any comment. The court is expected to rule on this request on Monday, 26 August. If she reached it favourably, the trial was expected to last five weeks, could be deferred.