On January 6, 1999, twenty years ago already, the pianist Michel Petrucciani died in New York at the age of 36 years, leaving its ardent fans orphans. Virtuoso, gifted with an extraordinary dexterity, he had recorded during his too short time on Earth his name in the history of music alongside some of the greatest jazz musicians of the Twentieth century. As a tribute to his talent, his two sons, Alexandre Petrucciani and Rachid Roperch have decided to make a gift to the admirers still as fervent pianist gifted, in republishing his famous full, The Complete Dreyfus Jazz Recordings .

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Michel Petrucciani live in concert in Barcelona in 1989.

Born on December 28th 1962 into a family of musicians installed in the region of Montélimar, Michel Petrucciani managed to conquer America and the world with his sensitivity, his phrasing, his writing and his innate sense of swing. And today, this unique destiny is still a source of infinite inspiration for all generations.

yet Nothing predisposed this man suffering from osteogenesis to delight the scenes of the world. From a height of 99 centimeters, Michel Petrucciani, totally dedicated to his art, has not only immortalized 31 albums, but has also devoured life to the fullest, with a sense of optimism and a contagious enthusiasm. In love with the passing of time, women and music, ” the jazzman from the standards has given a great lesson of life to all those who have experienced it. Today, it has become a legend, which will long continue to embody a message of hope for all those who feel different.

United by a same passion, a subsidiary, his son Alexander and Rashid, each have beautifully said what he represented and what he still represents for them. The first recalls the years spent with him as “a fairy tale”. The second, he will never forget “his courage and strength of character that enabled him to achieve the impossible”. Two tributes deserved addressed to Michel Petrucciani, the pianist, who was the genius of the swing.

A cabinet and a concert in tribute to Michel Petrucciani

The Complete Dreyfus Jazz Recordings. Twenty years after his death, this integral serves as a reminder to all the vastness of the talent of Michel Petrucciani. Twelve Album, 3 DVDS, all of the recordings released in Dreyfus Jazz since 1994.

A concert, on February 9, 2019 at 20h at The Seine Music: with Joe Lovano, Jacky Terrasson, Lenny White, Geraud Portal, Philippe Petrucciani, Aldo Romano, Flavio Boltro, Géraldine Laurent, Franck Avitabile, Laurent Coulondre and Lucienne Renaudin-Vary.

Michel Petrucciani and Didier Lockwood in 1997