In Moscow, as always, vigorously celebrating the Day of airborne troops — in honor of former Marines even managed to “fight” to the staff of Regardie.

the Clash of “power groups” took place in Gorky Park, where is located one of the largest fountains in the capital.

According to “Interfax”, the troopers asked “to behave modestly and not by waving the flag of the airborne forces, without disturbing others”.

In response, the airborne soldiers were indignant with that the riot police “on a single mob attack and twist”. With these words, one of the marks struck conscripts of Regardie standing in the cordon.

Besides, the man in the beret took resguardar stick, but almost immediately thought better of it and gave it back.

In the incident were arrested four Marines, while it is known about one affected. Later, the source TASS reported that all detainees were released.