not only do They have conquered France, or Europe but the whole world. At 23 and 26 years of age, Aya Nakamura and Vald have been awarded a place in the ranking of 30 european personalities from month to 30 years the most influential in the world. With this distinction, the youth of the urban world has been rewarded.

“Mostly known for his hit Djadja , which has over 300 million views on YouTube, the pop star franco malian Aya Nakamura has managed to climb to the top of the charts by mixing urban sounds and afrobeat,” reports Forbes in its annual ranking. Vald is presented as “a French rapper 26-year-old, who became number 1 with the title out of tune “.

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If the presence of the rapper is somewhat surprising, we must remember the balance sheet of a commercial success of his last album, XEU , a project certified double platinum. It is in the top 20 music albums the most sold in france.

On the other hand, the presence of the singer of malian origin, is not surprising. With its faculty indecent we stuck hooks in the skull, we can say that it was a “ dead it ” as it should be. Although it is left empty-handed Victories of the music, it can boast to be one of the European most influential in the world. Note that it is the first French to be placed at the top of the charts in Dutch since… Edith Piaf and her song memorable No, I regret nothing , released in 1961.

“I said to myself, wow! Because we don’t realize it right away, tells the story of Aya Nakamura. You do not say to you that you’re in a magazine US, that you’re surrounded by lots of international artists. Me, I’m just 23 years old, I just started”, she said in the micro NRJ, based on the classification of Forbes .

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D’aulnay at the top of the charts

These two young artists from Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) have managed to impose as phenomena essential. It no longer Aya Nakamura, the heroine of the platforms of streaming that maddens the counters. After the release of his album Nakamura with 100,000 copies sold, the singer has earned a platinum certification for which she is commended on the networks.

With his album XEU , Vald combines the themes of the glory, the love and the drugs with the provocation and the euphoria that we know him. A cocktail of success, as his project has been certified double platinum.

If this rank is only honorary, it is undeniable that at 23 and 26 years, these two artists are given a prestigious recognition in France but also abroad.