Former competitor of the Macron in the elections was sentenced to five years

In France, delivered its verdict in the case of the former head of the government of françois Fillon. The politician was found guilty of embezzlement of budget money. The investigation concerned the fictitious employment of his wife Penelope’s parliamentary assistant.

the Evidence against the Fillon appeared in 2017, when he ran for President and was considered the main favorite of the campaign. The election was won in the end, Emmanuel macron.

the Prosecutor’s office demanded for the former Prime Minister 10 years imprisonment, but the court sentenced him to five, three of which he would serve probation. Fillon banned to nominate his candidacy in the elections and work on gosdolzhnosti for decades.

Penelope Fillon has received three years conditionally, informs The Associated Press.

the Husband and wife also will pay 375 thousand Euro fine.

Another defendant, Deputy Mark Julot, who for several years paid his “assistant” Penelope’s salary, was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Julot was fined 20 thousand euros.

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