international arbitration has refused to recognize the French investor is wanted by Russia in the case of an especially large embezzlement the former owner of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev. The businessman, who has previously appeared in the Russian media as “Orthodox banker”, denied “all claims”, said a Ministry of justice.

Pugachev, who was also a Senator from Tuva, demanded from their homeland compensation of $14.5 billion because of the loss of an arbitration dispute he will have to reimburse Russia’s costs in the amount of $5.8 million

the Ex-owner of Mezhprombank five years ago began to plead with RFU accusing it of violating the agreement of the USSR and France concerning the protection of investments. Pugachev claimed that he had illegally expropriated property and assets. However, the arbitration court agreed with the arguments of the Russian side about the fact that the banker has chosen the wrong jurisdiction.

the Investigative Committee of Russia opened on Sergei Pugachev, a criminal case for the fact that Mezhprombank in 2009, issued to legal entities controlled by the banker 120 non-performing loans is 64 billion rubles. Pugacheva is also accused of the theft of unsecured loans of the Central Bank on 28 billion rubles allocated by the Bank of Russia as the unsecured loans.

First, Pugachev was hiding in Britain, in 2016, the London court sentenced him to two years imprisonment for failure to comply with court decisions. By the time the banker managed to get a French passport and move to France.

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