Former referee tied the victory of

the Players Petersburg “Zenith” by mistake won the Cup of Russia on football, said the former all-Russian category referee Igor Fedotov.

According to sports experts, in the final match with “Khimki” in Ekaterinburg the referee wrongly awarded a penalty, which in the 85th minute realized the Zenit Artem Dzyuba.

Fedotov expressed confidence that the Brazilian Malcolm faked the bandwagon, which ostensibly made him the player of the Moscow command.

“the Player of “Khimki” does nothing, puts a foot in parallel. As Malcolm puts leg out to the side and catches her. This is a simulation. Moskalev was wrong. However, he blew the whistle not once, and seconds through three. So he has someone suggested” — quoted Fedotov “championship”.

we will Remind, on Saturday “Zenith” has beaten situated near Moscow “Khimki” in the final of the Cup of Russia on football in Ekaterinburg with the score 1:0. St. Petersburg made the so-called “Golden double” — that is, we won in the Cup and in the championship repeating the success of 2010. While at the awards ceremony the captain of “Zenith” Branislav Ivanovic accidentally dropped and broke the championship trophy.

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