An inventor of british treasury 30-year-old, armed with a simple metal detector, comes from the holy Grail. A aureus Allectus, the late Third century of our era, which had been found in a field in the province of Kent in England, has just been sold by the london auction house Dix Noonan Webb for the sum pharamineuse of 620.000 euros, reports Artnet. A record for this type of antique objects.

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Only 24 copies

This roman coin has been struck very likely to be under the imperium of man policy Allectus (294-297), who attempt to assert his authority with the issuing of these gold coins of 24 carats. The aureus, that are commonly referred to as the “penny gold”, dates back to the period of augustinian. These parts are heavy, of pure gold, will disappear at the beginning of the Third century during the first crises that fragilisèrent the roman empire. They will be replaced by the solidus.

Only 24 aureus Allectus have been found according to Barneby’s. It is the British Museum, holder of one of these treasures that has authenticated the piece, to the great joy of the researcher. After the sale, the latter exclaimed: “I can’t believe it! I thought she was going to sell to a little more than the first estimate, but certainly not five times”.

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