Diesel was thus worth 1.8782 euros per liter on average, down 5.61 cents compared to the previous week, according to data published by the government as of Friday.

The super unleaded 95 was sold for 1.8448 euros (-7.92 cents) and the super unleaded 95-E10 1.8082 euros (-6.21 cents).

Prices have thus largely come down from their recent peaks when they still exceeded 2 euros on average at the beginning of July.

Oil prices, which had surged following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have eased somewhat recently. The movement is fueled by fears of an economic recession in the West and the Covid-19 epidemic in China, a major oil consumer.

In France, prices currently take into account a discount of 18 centimes per liter of fuel in mainland France.

For the future, the National Assembly recently adopted a second part of the measures to support purchasing power, which provides for a fuel discount of 30 cents per liter in September-October then 10 in November-December.

The TotalEnergies group has announced a discount of 20 euro cents at the pump between September and November in all its French service stations, then 10 cents per liter for the rest of the year.