Diesel was worth 1.9488 euros per liter, a jump of 10.88 cents compared to the previous week, according to data from the Ministries of Energy Transition and Ecological Transition stopped on Friday.

The increase is much lower for gasoline: the super unleaded 95 was worth 1.7797 euros (0.90 cents) and the super 95-E10 1.7392 euros (0.87 cents).

The European Union has decided on a gradual embargo on Russian crude oil and refined products. Europe must therefore find alternative sources of diesel, which it does not produce in sufficient quantities, which leads to an additional cost.

The phenomenon could also be linked to the end of the summer season for long car trips (“driving season”) in the United States, where unleaded gasoline is the most consumed. When the latter is less in demand across the Atlantic, its prices are less under pressure compared to diesel.

French prices take into account a discount of 18 cents per liter at the pump (in mainland France), which will drop to 30 cents on 1 September.

After soaring at the start of the year due to the recovery in demand with the end of the confinements and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, prices have fallen for a few weeks but remain high.