Back on the track for Francis Cabrel. Interviewed by The new yorker , the interpreter of I like to die has spoken about his future projects, including a new album in the works. This will be her fourteenth studio album, five years after the release of In Extremis .

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” I have twelve, thirteen or fourteen songs, I’m going to record with musicians who were there last night, ”

Francis Cabrel

“I finished writing songs, and I’m going to start recording this fall,” says Francis Cabrel, which underscores the difficulty of the exercise. “I always feel that it is so hard that I can’t do more. And then it’s like a second nature, you griffonnes stuff throughout the year, by-ci by-there, and it ends up making the songs. I have twelve, thirteen or fourteen, I’m going to record with musicians who were there last night,” he says. These musicians are those who were present at the Rencontres d Astaffort last October 3. The event created by Francis Cabrel in 1994, held twice a year and was celebrating this year its quarter of a century.

The goal of Cabrel is simple: spend the fall and winter to work and improve his songs. But it doesn’t hide it, nothing is yet done. “For the moment, they only exist to me on my guitar”, he says as he admits to write a little, adding bits of sentences here and there, sometimes with intervals of several days. “This is all an accumulation, a notebook that is filling up. And then I ask myself and I try to develop, to go until the end. This is what I am doing at the moment,” he says.

“Ideally, I’d like to release the album in the fall of 2020”

Francis Cabrel

moreover, It is in his little town near Agen that Francis Cabrel draws its inspiration. “Sometimes, it is said to me: “you’ve traveled, it’s nice, it had to give you ideas”. Yeah, it was nice, but it has not given necessarily ideas. (…) Most (of his songs, editor’s note) were born in the village and home to three miles of here,” he says. A place that occupies a prominent place in the life and career of the singer, and who inspired him to the famous Rencontres d Astaffort. “The song had given me so much that I had a duty to return this chance to the people in suffering, lonely, or lost. (…) At the beginning, we opened it to anyone, or almost, had written a text in his kitchen. It was extremely beginner, fragile and awkward. But now that he has a small reputation, a lot of publishers and record companies send us their foals for toughening himself up”, he reports. Cabrel sees also the participation of young people a very good eye, and sees that they are the future.

The flame of passion still burns in him, and like the concert given Thursday, it could soon go up on stage, depending on some factors. “I’ve been to 25 concerts, editor’s note) this year, I’ll come in 2020 for ten dates in Quebec and a small tour in July. This will depend on the disk. If it is well advanced, I will be able to think of starting afresh, but if the songs I do not like that much, I réécrirai. Ideally, I’d like to release the album in the fall of 2020”, indicates Francis Cabrel.