We were without news of the “yellow vests” Francis Lalanne for the european elections, after the singer’s appeal to the “war civics” in non-violence. The hellion the age of 60 is returned to the load in the beginning of the week. This Tuesday, at 17 hours, it should reveal, in front of the national Assembly, a list called “Alliance yellow” for the election on may 26, reports The new yorker .

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“If I put as much time before the filing of the list, it is because I wanted to take the time and that nothing is missing,” he said to our colleagues. Confident, the singer claims to have found 79 candidates ready to join this list joint from “the fusion of the list led by Francis Lalanne, and the list of the RIC conducted by Jérémy Clément” with a “yellow jacket” originally of Montargis.


in addition, Francis Lalanne stated that they did not appear on that list. It should stay in the background in a secondary role: that of giving a face to the movement and to embody this list sponsored by Jean-Marc Governatori. The interpreter of We’ll claims to be able to rely on a “financial surety” to his friend, estimated at 800,000 euros.

“I wouldn’t do a cheque, and I do not expend nothing, but I’m giving them the financial surety, so that they can campaign,” says the co-secretary of the Alliance ecologist independent fellow, adding a wish for “more pluralism” in politics.

If the list does not reach 3% minimum threshold to qualify for reimbursement of campaign expenses, it shall, however, pay out the required sum. First credited 10% in the polls, a list of “yellow vests” due to win today only 2% of the vote, according to the trends…