Then he had brought in his support on Facebook for the “yellow Vests” in November last year, Franck Dubosc has attracted the wrath of the movement a month later. In a video recorded by a fan, the comedian condemned the behavior of the protesters, claiming it was suddenly “too hateful, too surly, to release”. It was not necessary any more to the actor to incur the wrath of a section of the population. After a first mea culpa on the set of Key not at my post , it has undergone many reproaches of his colleagues. Some not hesitating to ridicule it publicly. Stopped by the “yellow vests” just before a show to Besançon, Dubosc had attempted yet another explanation. In vain.

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In an interview with Paris Match , he has agreed to come back on his volte-face. “It teaches not to be involved in politics when one is an artist”, he admits now. Already in Besançon, he explained to be “a clown”, a “Patrick Chirac”, in reference to his cult figure of the movie series Camping . The comedian said during the interview to have “sin by clumsiness” and be “necessarily on the side of those who suffer”, although it is positioned “always against violence”.

The charges of the reversal of jacket do not according to him. In fact, it refers that the claims of his father would probably have made him a “yellow jacket”: “This means that they are old, and that nothing has been settled.”

Franck Dubosc remains somewhat bitter. After the bad return of the “yellow vests” as for his comments, other comedians, had not hesitated to leave a layer. “They were afraid”, he comments. “But there’s always a cause: the bitterness, the jealousy.” In the month of January, Muriel Robin had commented on the case, recalling that “when one has nothing to say, nothing to say. There is only sincerity that can be heard”. More pinching, Jeremy Ferrari had added that the comedian, then in the turmoil not supported “as himself”. The next month, Gérard Darmon in, added a layer to the micro of les Grandes Gueules: “I will not resume the discourse of the other jester, who was once for the “yellow vests” and then two days after that against”.

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the shows At the Palais des Sports in Paris, Franck Dubosc will play its last show Fifty/Fifty until the 14th of April. It is, according to him, the one man show that looks like him the most, he says. Little chance then of finding valves on the roundabouts…

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