on Thursday 14 February, in its offices in paris, François Ozon is not known yet whether he will receive the grand prize of the jury at the Berlinale on the following Saturday. It is not known at this time if Thanks to God will be out in the halls. Father Bernard Preynat, prosecuted for sexual assault and the trial this year, has assigned, referred the filmmaker to obtain a deferral of the release of the film.

on Monday 18 February, the justice ruled: Thanks to God will be released this Wednesday. Similarly, the justice dismissed Tuesday, Régine Maire, a former member of the diocese of Lyon, who requested that his name is not mentioned. “I don’t judge, I just show the facts and it is up to the viewer to make up his own opinion, explained to the Figaro the filmmaker. The omerta can not continue, one has the impression that there is still a desire to keep silence on this matter as she has already busted.”

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François Ozon .- Yes, this is not …

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