Since his last show, Professor Rollin is in revolt , the ancient chronicler of France Intera order to produce alone on stage because that laugh only amused him more. He now manages the singer Gauvain Sers.

LE FIGARO. – Jamel Debbouze and Gad Elmaleh have also stopped the scene.

François ROLLIN. – I think that the fact that they were the one and the other pinned by CopyComic has a lot to do.

What do you think of comedians today?

We arrived at a situation that I have proclaimed and deplored thirty years ago, to a commodification of laughter. From the time the humor is a product, it is subject to the laws of the market, as well as any olive oil. It happens the same for products of great consumption, the quality does not have any kind of impact on it. When a market opens up, there are forgers and plagiaires. The small ones are bloated by the big players who are big that force advertisements, budgets, and major investments. Yogurt …

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