The nostalgia of Freddie Mercury is still what it was. Twenty-seven years after his death, a version is very bare musically her song of 1986 Time was published yesterday by Universal under the name Time Waits For No One . Soft piano-voice accompanied by a video novel. The images are in fact from the filming of the clip with the original, and had not been used until now.

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These pieces of video correspond to the first half of the clip of Time , 1986, Freddie Mercury singing alone on stage before being joined in the second half of the chorus. They came to play-back on the high production of the song: the chorus of course, but also a battery energetic, electric guitar, beaches, synthesizers… Almost a piece of Queen. The new version of the song is content to let the voice of Mercury to invade the sound space left free by the tranquility of the piano solo.

The song, although sung by Freddie Mercury, is not its composition. It is the result of the musical comedy Time , created by the british musician Dave Clark, and has been written by the latter. This is also the case of the song In My Defence , also registered for the show by the incomparable singer of Queen.

The seconds youth of Freddie Mercury

Mercury recorded the song in 1986, while he was trying to build a career outside of his group, which has made his fame as a songwriter and, of course, as a showman. His first solo project was the song Love Kills in 1984, ballad, electronic, written for the restoration of the classic Fritz Lang’s Metropolis by Giorgio Moroder. In 1985, Freddie Mercury had released his first and only solo album (if one excludes the album Barcelona , a duet with Montserrat Caballé): Mr. Bad Guy .

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Several songs from this period have, as Time already known a second youth after the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991. This is the case of Living On My Own in 1993, after the solo album of 1985, and became a tube with a remix of club in 1993. Queen without Mercury, has also drawn briskly in the solo repertoire of their former leader. As well as the last album of the group, Made In Heaven in 1995, there two songs from Mr. Bad Guy and reworked by the three remaining members .

More recently, the compilation Queen Forever , the guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor have made a recovery stripped of Love Kills . The output and the success of the film Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018 to have raised a certain queenmania, a wave of new to the beast scene Mercury is expected to surge in the coming years.