In 2015, a young woman gland in Istanbul with a lover turk who does the more button. Summary thus, it has as much desire to read the Renaudot 2018 that getting all of the molars by Dr. Mengele. And yet Sulcus Valérie Manteau, prix Renaudot 2018, charm crazy. Which brings us to ask the question that kills (literally): and if there were a literary school of Charlie Hebdo ?

We indeed detected many common points between the mere dandyism groggy from Philippe Lançon (special prize of the jury) and the idleness melancholy of Valerie Mantle. Book after book, the authors of Charlie invent a writing post-traumatic stress disorder, which alternates access of despair and gratitude to be alive. The drawings of Luz, in Indelible (Futuropolis) also express this bitterness of tender: the hangover of the caricature. Imagine a band of satiristes rattled, every morning K. O. debout, déconneurs irresponsible turned into punching bags …

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