E. L. James has significantly trashed the work of feminists, democratizing the submission of women in 2012. Just consider this: a woman has sold 150 million copies of a story of a journalist spanked by a big boss! Drawing inspiration from the saga Twilight by Stephenie Meyer – because the geniuses will always draw from the source of the greatest masterpieces of literature, such as Joyce in Homer or The Fountain in Aesop -, E. L. James thought in Fifty Shades of Grey a péronnelle fascinated by a rich CEO who tied, beat her and dominated her in a room of tortures.

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thank God, it was before the wave #MeToo. Such praise of sexual harassment and outrage sexist would be impubliable in 2019 and we look forward to it because the moral mission of the novel, you will recall, is to build up the masses and help shape a better world, free of the patriarchy and contempt …

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