What a butcher! We did not read the same, “autolynchage” from Bratislava in 1990, where François Nourissier wrote: “No self-delusion can no longer let myself hope, believe, want my masterpiece yet to be written.”Alexander Garden is hara-kiri in public in The Novel true of Alexander . Believing him, everything he has published for thirty years was the work of an “athlete of the show”. If one can only welcome this late access of lucidity, it would be well worth the challenge. It will be thirty years that it’s hard with his stories of babies love, its regulations, accounts, family, its emphasis forced. We are happy to see it finally parked in our opinion!

” READ ALSO – Alexander Garden: “My character was a forger”.

looking for the author of 54 years, flinguant today? Publish the book of the last chance. Let’s review: head first (1986), Zebra (1988), Fanfan (1990) recycled the theme of the platonic love in a time of aids. In comparison …

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