Dorothy Doll soon be back on the big screen? This is what was unveiled to a half-word Frédérique Bel, Monday, on Europe 1. Guest of the show Karl Zero and his crooks in clover , the actress revealed in the program broadcasted on Canal + from 2004 to 2006, said that she was working on a feature film centered on her character’s atypical.

“We are in the process of writing the film, but we were looking for a producer,” said the actress to the radio.

After a single and a single season on Canal+, Frédérique Bel, we announced in may 2013 have paid dearly for the fact of being “hidden behind a blonde, so obviously silly and harmless”, because many “have taken [her] character in the first degree”, complained the actress. In fact, his character was known to embody all the clichés of popular blonde woman: left, and not very malignant.

A month later, on the occasion of a round table at the television Festival of Monte Carlo, the actress seemed to be buried with regret, Dorothy Doll. “We’re in a cinema, and a world quite misogynistic. I have the impression that this bothered him not a lot of time. There was the idea that it was necessary that the blondes remain in their seats and me, I had to move on to something else, ‘ said the actress to the Pure Break .

Frédérique Bel revives its Dorothy Doll

Six years later, the water seems to have flowed under the bridge and Frédérique Bel seems to be ready to reconnect with his character. At the time of #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc, an adaptation of La minute blonde to the cinema may very well be an ode to feminism and the liberation of the female object. A problem that the actress raised already at the time. “There is a problem with the fact to assume its beauty. This is not because it is sexy that it becomes an object, on the contrary. If I have the freedom to do what I want with my body and if I want to make you laugh, I do,” said Frédérique Bel.

And if it is true that this last has not been, frankly, funny in recent years, you can still find here and there in what is it was already done to the good God , alongside Chantal Lauby, Christian clavier and Ary Abittan, January 30, at the cinema.

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