“Free Algeria”, is the title of the song is a collective of artists of algerian rebels against the nomination to a fifth term of president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, regularly re-elected since 1999.

Quickly became viral, the clip has already been seen more than 125,000 times since its launch on the 1st of march. The signed text and interpreted by JAM, Amel Zen, Sony Benaibouche and other prominent personalities on the stage with algeria, condemns in particular the weaknesses of the social and economic policy carried out by the power in place, incarnated by the president-in-office for the past two decades.

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This song, which is like an anthem for the emancipation of algerian youth, is not that a pamphlet anti-Bouteflika. Throughout the clip, the singers take turns and to pass messages. It can be read on placards, “the youth takes his destiny in hand” or even “a single hero, the people”. Artists are styled symbolically, handcuffs and chains broken. The words chosen are strong and unambiguous: “We want freedom, together. We are the people and we respect our differences. We are the people, you (the regime, editor’s NOTE) we have trimbalés. We have been humiliated”.

For this collective of algerian intellectuals, the music often has a decisive influence on political action. It is a peaceful way to shout loud and clear expectations of the people. In what could become a new anthem of the revolt of algeria, the artists also wish that all forms of violence or vandalism to be required to the gap of the events which are currently taking place in Algeria.

“We are tired of living in hypocrisy. One wants to live in peace, in a country just and egalitarian society.

Collective artists of the movie clip “Free Algeria”‘

For the moment, the determination of Bouteflika and his right arm did not seem shaken by this challenge artistic. On Sunday night, the campaign team of the president of algeria has officially submitted its candidature file. It might run for a fifth term at the head of Algeria. This announcement has led many Algerians in the streets, to express their opposition to Abdelaziz Bouteflika, before the presidential election scheduled for 18 April 2019. The outgoing president had committed, if he is elected, not to go to the end of its mandate and to withdraw at the end of a presidential advance.

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